About Us

As Çakıroğlu CO. LTD., since our establishment in 1996, we have set honesty and discipline as our core important principles. We have aimed to exist with our mindset that always keeps customer satisfaction prioritized and with our human resource, which is our most important value. For us, success means being open to innovations as well as being the creator of these innovations and making no compromises on the principles that we have adopted. Together with our strong infrastructure and experienced staff, we are committed to the mission of meeting the needs of our customers. We present our endless thanks to all our business partners for letting us being a part of their success.



 Mersis No: 0223004736000018

Bülten Caddesi 9/11 Kavaklıdere 06700 Ankara -Türkiye

T: +90 312 466 66 70 F: +90 312 427 04 51