Sugar Centrifugal Screens


Manufacturing Process

German Technology is used in the manufacturing process of our chromium-nickel sugar centrifugal screens since the late 1970s. Apart from the sugar factories, our products are used by the fruit juice production plants as well as facilities that produce similar items.

We have screen productions suitable for the sizes of all local and foreign centrifugal producers.

Furthermore; for special needs, screens of all kinds of thickness and different slot sizes are manufactured.


All the screens that are manufactured are double checked in accordance with the related quality standards, in terms of their slot sizes, chromium plating thicknesses and hardness degrees.

Technical Specifications of the Screens

Nickel purity: 99.9 %

Chromium thickness: 10-12 microns

Slot opening: Conical

Surface: Mirror smooth

Filter area: Between 8-10 % (depending slot sizes)

Our screens are preferred by all the plants of Turkish Sugar Factories Corp. as well as private plants.