Sugar Centrifugal

Thomas Broadbent Group is a British company founded in 1864 and a large part of its products is used in almost all countries.

It is one of the biggest manufacturers of sugar centrifugals with its near 150-year experience and production quality.

The headquarter of the company, which provides services to the various markets of the world, is in Huddersfield, England and it has sales and service network in much of the world particularly with its main office in United States of America.

Thomas Broadbent Group works only on centrifugal production. With its 150-year experience of centrifugal production, it presents the state-of-the-art technology with the easiest and the most economic operating conditions. Broadbent is a world leader company both on the design and the production of the sugar centrifugals.

Broadbent’s service mentality continues after sale, as well. The spare parts, which are produced and stored in a wide range, are presented to customers with economical prices. Our spares, which can supply all the needs of our customers, are dispatched from our storehouses located in the USA and England.


Research, development and design are Broadbent’s pre-eminent strategies. Broadbent owes its success on these fields to its team of expert engineers and laboratory personnel. Together with this staff, Broadbent works with the academic institutions and independent consultants in order to be the best.

Some of these are;

Cambridge University Engineering Department

Cambridge University Geotechnics Center

AEA Technology Decomposition Procedure Services

P.D. Thompson, Consultant for Sweetener and Related Industries

Broadbent holds the certificates of BS EN ISO 9001 since 1991.